Siya Solar

Civil Work


Perform all necessary earthwork. Install tower foundations, either caisson, spread, or rock anchor. Install lightning grounding and underground electrical work….


Tower Erection


We offer the services for tower erections. Safe is well experienced in tower erection work, inspection and maintenance, painting of tower, strengt-hening of existing towers….


Electrical Work


We offer a full range of electrical services for new construction, as well as for existing residential, commercial and industrial properties.


Focus Areas


  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Power Plant Constructions in Solar
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Operation and Maintenance of Solar Plants

Renewable Energy Projects80
Power Plant Constructions in Solar90
Electrical Works95
Mechanical Works85
Operation and Maintenance of Solar Plants80



  • A leading solar energy company in India is the field of Solar Power Plants, Power Transmission & Telecommunication.
  • Providing one stop shop for all Infrastructure works.
  • Production capacity of 14400 MT per annum.
  • Manufacturing unit spread in 30000 Sq Yds. with Shed Area of 24000 Sq ft.
  • Company is working on latest state of the art equipment.
  • More than 150 experienced staff and more than 100 contractors along with 1500 manpower is the strength of company to meet our customer’s demand.
  • Telecom Tower Structure (Angular & Tubular, Hybrid)
  • Transmission Tower Structure
  • Civil & Foundation Work At Site
  • Erection of Towers
  • Stringing & Commissioning of Transmission Towers
  • Electrical Work At Site
  • BTS Installation
  • Solar Energy Installation
  • Solar Module Structure




  • Tower Design
  • Tower Fabrication Shop
  • Galvanizing Shop
  • Material Testing / Proto Assembly
  • Quality Assurance
  • Installation & Commissioning of BTS / BSC / MSC / Power Pack etc.
  • Project Management


Tower Fabrication Shop


  • Fabrication shop has 36000 MTPA installed capacity equipped with latest state of the art machinery managed by Qualified Production Engineer to have a close watch on the fabrication for nearly zero production error.
  • Production is standardized therefore no need to have on site fabrication which in turn improve the Quality.


Transmission Line


  • Manufacturing & Supplying “Fabricating Steel Structures for 66KV ~ 220KV Gantry / Sub Station Structures.




  • Reconnaissance Survey
  • Detailed Survey
  • Check Survey
  • Excavation
  • Concreting
  • Earthing
  • Tower Erection
  • Stringing
  • Charging the line at Low Voltage
  • Charging the line at Rated Voltage
  • Conductor
  • Earthwire / OPGW